Aquatic Information
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Key Factors for keeping a beautiful Marine Aquarium or Freshwater Aquarium
Patience: This is one of the hardest things to have when you are starting a new aquarium. Take your time and research the type of environments that are out there: freshwater, planted, African cichlid rift lake, tropical community, marine fish only with live rock “FOWLR” or a beautiful reef. Study how to properly bring it to life and have the tank of your dreams. The process can take time, thankfully with ATM Colony we can speed up the 6-8 week cycling process to only a week! Getting the right tools for the job is paramount!

The Rule of 10: This is one of the best rules for keeping your aquarium beautiful. We recommend, at minimum, a 10% water change weekly on your aquarium from the beginning. By doing a 10% change weekly you will be removing waste from your aquarium (nitrates, phosphates, and dissolved organics). Equally important it will replenish vital minerals and trace elements, which are essentially the power plant for the entire ecosystem.

Underfeed your tank: Overfeeding encourages your fish to become less active. Additionally it results in the build-up of dissolved and un-dissolved organics which degrades water quality and limits the growth of corals. Unwelcome algae growth and other problematic pests are also consequences of high levels of organics. Fish need a lot less food than you think. Life on the reef is not easy. Searching and hunting for food often means going days without eating. Less is more when feeding, even if they look really hungry! They always do!